Need more space? Extra space to spread out and relax? Don’t move, improve your own house with a bigger kitchen or an extra sitting room, dining room, play room or even home-office or an invaluable play area for the kids. for more …

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Loft Conversion

Loft Conversion Loft conversion is one of most straightforward ways of getting extra room and adding value to properties without purchasing extra land. Almost all houses can benefit from this conversion by planning or LDC…

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Building Control

Building regulations are statutory instruments that seek to ensure that the policies set out in the relevant legislation are carried out. Building regulations approval is required for most building work in the UK. All building work…

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Party Wall Surveying

It is advised that you inform your neighbours of any works that will be carried out near or on your shared boundaries, or ‘Party Wall’ in England or Wales. Party wall is a service that acts as a safeguard for both parties when works are being carried out to the party walls…

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New Build

We provide a unique holistic and professional approach to create high quality contemporary single dwellings to complex flat units. Although contemporary we aim to design in sympathy to time and context whether…

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Interior Design

Advance Architecture provides design services using 3D BIM Programs for both commercial and residential projects including houses, flats or restaurants. We undertake projects of all sizes; we can assist in the redesign of a room to a full sized property refurbishment. We can provide track record in successfully…

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Change of Use

Planning permission is needed from one use class to another, although there are exceptions where the legislation does allow some changes between uses. Advance Architecture is aware of the complication that may be incurred from a planning point of view of changing the use or a building when important…

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Lease Plan

Buying any property which has not been registered with the Land Registry can complicate whole the process. It is important that first registration with the Land Registry is carried out properly. We prepare Land Registry Compliant Plans on behalf of landlords and solicitors. The Title Plan displays an outline…

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