We offer two types of licence that are compulsorily required when opening a store where alcohol would be present and/or sold. The first type is the PREMISES LICENCE. If you are planning to open new Bar, restaurant or a Supermarket, you will probably need a Premises Licence. We can help you obtain this. We have a high portfolio of positive applications on this matter and are happy to inform and help you though this process. A Premises Licence is required if you are looking to authorise licensable activities i.e. the sale of alcohol, Late night refreshment and Regulated entertainment.

The second application type that you will need is a PERSONAL LICENCE. If you are planning to sell alcohol on or off the premises then you will need this licence in order to sell alcohol with authorisation. If you haven’t already done this, Advance Architecture can provide Personal Licence Holder’s qualification training and exam in their centre. We are an Approved Centre by HABC Highfield Awarding Body.

Personal Licence Process will include the following;

1. Qualification gained via an exam held at the centre

2. CRB Criminal Record Check

3. Application to Local Council

Do contact us for further information and exam availabilities.